With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

Skillfully Representing Clients In Domestic Violence Cases

A party can seek an order of protection due to domestic violence in criminal court, family court or supreme court (if married in the context of a divorce or separation proceeding).

Andrew A. Bokser offers you his more than 34 years of experience representing clients in all three forums in domestic violence cases. Contact his Brooklyn and Garden City law offices to consult with him about these legal needs: 718-834-1904.

Individualized Strategies For Your Unique Legal Requirements

Whether you are a victim of domestic violence or falsely accused of a family offense or criminal act, you require legal representation. Consult with lawyer Andrew A. Bokser to see how he can help you with your ordeal through the court system.

Mr. Bokser doggedly defends the rights and interests of his clients against alleged violations of orders of protection and domestic violence-related charges, including:

  • Third-degree assault and simple assault
  • Child abuse and child endangerment
  • Menacing
  • Stalking, harassment and criminal trespass
  • Restraining order violations

Today, courts quite properly take domestic violence very seriously. Even with a recent recantation of the charges by the accuser, the prosecutors can still proceed with the case. Do not assume that your case will end even if your current or past partner (or other family member) says they are dropping the charges.

Andrew A. Bokser carefully weighs every possible defense option and aggressively safeguards your interests during every phase of your journey through the legal process. He attends to every detail in his efforts to help you avoid the consequences of a violation of an order of protection that, if filed in Criminal Court, may result in prison time if you are convicted.

Contact Attorney Andrew A. Bokser

When you’re ready to discuss the impact of domestic violence and the prospect of a protective order, Andrew A. Bokser is ready to listen. With over more than 34 years of experience with family law issues in the Greater New York area, he’s proven that he can turn the details you confide with him into unique approaches to address your unique legal situation.

Contact either of his two New York locations, in Brooklyn and Garden City, today to schedule your initial consultation with Andrew A. Bokser: by phone at 718-834-1904 or by email. Evening conferences are available by appointment.