With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

Child Custody Help In Brooklyn And Beyond

When it comes to negotiating the child custody and visitation rights portion of a family law case, the law firm of Andrew A. Bokser is guided by the understanding that each client and their legal needs are as unique as the child and family at the center of every divorce.

For more than 34 years in the Greater New York City Metro area, Mr. Bokser has been representing clients in these matters. Contact Mr. Bokser’s Brooklyn or Garden City law offices today to schedule your initial consultation: 718-834-1904.

Types Of Child Custody Arrangements

New York law uses certain terms to describe these arrangements. It is important for parents to understand these terms, and Mr. Bokser would be glad to go into them in more detail, if you like:

  • Legal custody: the right of a parent to make decisions about a child’s general welfare, such as education, medical care and religion considerations
  • Decision making: Vaccinations, Education (Private or Public), School Evaluations (special needs) and Religious Upbringing
  • Sole legal custody: the exclusive right to make decisions regarding the child’s general welfare
  • Joint legal custody: a situation in which both parents contribute to the child’s general welfare, granted if the parents have shown an ability to cooperate
  • Physical custody: the right of a parent to have actual, physical possession of a child
  • Sole physical custody: when a parent with sole physical custody has the exclusive right to live with the child; the noncustodial parent has visitation rights
  • Joint physical custody: dividing the child’s time between the homes of each parent
  • Access time: another term use to describe a child’s time with the parent instead of visitation or custody

Attorney Andrew A. Bokser always works with clients to educate them about the law and what they can expect. These disputes over custody and visitation are always best settled out of court, since judges will impose an order that may not please either party. At this point, you and your children’s future will rest in the hands of complete strangers.

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There are three easy ways to contact the two conveniently located New York offices of Andrew A. Bokser. Call 718-834-1904, email him at  or fax him today at 718-834-1830 to set your initial consultation and confidentially discuss your family’s custody and visitation situation.

Andrew A. Bokser has provided the boroughs of New York City and Suffolk and Nassau counties with quality legal representation in the family law field for more than 34 years. Put his experience, skills and client commitment to work in your case.