With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

Helping New York Families Who Want To Adopt

Adopting a child is both an emotional process and a legal one. At the law firm of Andrew A. Bokser, we will guide you through the legal process so you can devote your attention to the lifestyle changes when you welcome your new child or children.

Attorney Andrew A. Bokser represents parents in stepparent, relative, foster parent and private adoptions in New York. With offices in Brooklyn and Garden City, he represents parents throughout the New York City area, including Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Stepparent, Relative And Foster Parent Adoptions

Before a stepparent, relative or foster parent can adopt a child, the child must be free for adoption. There are three ways this can happen:

  • The biological parent passes away (or both parents, in a relative or foster parent adoption).
  • The biological parent(s) sign a legal surrender agreement in or out of court.
  • The court terminates the biological parent’s (or parents’) rights because of neglect, abuse or abandonment.

The adoptive parent will need to go through a home study, a background check (including a criminal background check), and a drug and alcohol screening before the court will approve the adoption. A child over age 14 can refuse to consent to an adoption in the state of New York.

Adopting a child gives you the same rights as a biological parent. In New York, there is no legal distinction between an adoptive parent and a biological parent.

Private Adoptions

In New York, adoptive parents cannot purchase a child to adopt. However, they can pay for the mother’s medical expenses, room and board, and attorney fees. In New York, we must provide the Office of Court Administration a list of all funds paid to complete an adoption.

Usually it is required that both birth parents must surrender their parental rights before a child can be adopted privately.

Discuss Your Case With Lawyer Andrew A. Bokser

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