With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

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Helping Divorcing Couples Divide Assets

If you are in the process of divorce, contact Andrew A. Bokser in Brooklyn and Garden City. You’ll appreciate the poised, thoughtful legal insight leadership Mr. Bokser can bring to your equitable distribution questions. He’s been personally seeing to his clients’ needs in this area of law for more than three decades in the New York Metro area.

Understanding The Keys To Equitable Distribution

An equitable distribution agreement can be as general or specific as the parties desire, with each spouse agreeing to shoulder financial responsibility for various or specific duties or necessities. Factors that determine an award of equitable distribution include:

  • Duration of the marriage
  • Ages of children, their time spent at the marital home address
  • Premarital assets and their use to obtain marital property
  • Property, residential or commercial
  • Inheritances or pensions that either spouse is in line to receive
  • Retirement savings
  • Existence of a prenuptial agreement
  • Time and monetary contributions to a family business
  • Stocks or other investments acquired during the marriage

The category and value of any formerly jointly owned property will have to be addressed, and any hidden assets will have to be unearthed. In protecting your rights, Andrew A. Bokser can employ investigative experts, resourceful analysts in forensics and accountants who can discover and evaluate hidden assets, appraise businesses and generally ensure an atmosphere of fair play.

Above all, Mr. Bokser knows that your legal needs are uniquely specific to you and your family’s background. Contact his law offices today for help protecting your assets, including any business assets that you own.

Two Convenient Locations To Serve You

Your divorce’s equitable distribution legal situation demands the attention of the most experienced family lawyer you can find in the New York and Long Island areas. Andrew A. Bokser can meet with you weekdays in his Brooklyn (main) and Garden City (satellite) offices. Since all consultations require an appointment so that you can have an adequate amount of time to discuss your case, contact him to arrange for your initial consultation: 718-834-1904.

You will appreciate the way Andrew A. Bokser crafts approaches to your unique legal needs in the family law area, separation agreements among them. Put his 34 years of experience to work for you today.