With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

A Skilled Attorney For Your New York State Appeal

Did you have a divorce or custody case that was decided against you and you believe the court made a mistake? Have you or someone you know been charged with and convicted of a serious criminal offense in New York state? Do you want to challenge that verdict at the appellate level? Are you in the market for an experienced, technically skilled lawyer to handle such an appeal?

Andrew A. Bokser has taken charge of these kinds of post-conviction processes for over 34 years from his Brooklyn and Garden City law offices. He will not be intimidated by the variety of challenges that typify such an important assignment. Contact him immediately to schedule an initial consultation for an evaluation of your case.

Mr. Bokser knows that his clients expect and deserve an attorney who demands the best of himself in defending or prosecuting their appeal. From the office research and preparation phase through writs and appeals, courtroom arguments and the positive outcome that is always his goal, Mr. Bokser brings his years of experience, comprehensive knowledge of law, and ability to craft concise and compelling legal arguments.

Elements Of Your State Appeal

Mr. Bokser’s process for taking up your case involves a preparation of the record on appeal, composition of appellate briefs, drafting and delivery of oral arguments, and filing of motions, all of which reflect his belief in your case and the day in court you deserve. Whether you contacted him or your case originated from another lawyer’s referral, your criminal or civil appeal deserves the utmost attention and care.

Perhaps you’re disappointed with the result of your trial. Perhaps you’ve been seeking other counsel in order to avoid a conflict of interest. Regardless of what led to your decision, Mr. Bokser can be of service. He’s proven that to clients time and time again. You will appreciate his command of both material and courtroom.

Your right to appeal can be limited by time. Do not sit on your rights after obtaining a court’s decision. If you receive an adverse ruling, contact your attorney or seek other legal advice immediately. If you do not appeal during the statutory period, you may be barred from appealing.

Arrange Your Initial Consultation

For more than 34 years, Andrew A. Bokser has been of service to those convicted of crimes and other clients seeking legal recourse with quality representation in appellate court. If you feel your case wasn’t given a fair shake during the legal process, let Mr. Bokser handle your state appeal. He’ll work and fight hard to protect your interests and speak eloquently on your behalf.

Contact this experienced, aggressive New York attorney as soon as possible by phone at 718-834-1904 or via email to schedule your initial consultation. When he hears the details of your case, don’t be surprised if he emerges with a unique approach to your unique legal need.