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Brooklyn High-Asset Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be stressful enough. But couple that with the often complex issues that having high net worth and significant assets and the divorce process can be even more stressful. When one or both spouses have high net worth assets, the divorce is considered to be a high-asset divorce. Having an experienced and knowledgeable New York City divorce lawyer can help make this process go smoother and alleviate many concerns you may be having about your divorce.

If you are seeking a divorce that may involve significant assets in the New York City area, reach out to Andrew A. Bokser, Attorney at Law. With more than 30 years of experience, attorney Bokser can provide you with thorough, dedicated and knowledgeable divorce counsel. He understands how important asset protection is to you and will represent you with the attention and care that you deserve.

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High Net Worth Equitable Distribution and Asset Protection

One of the major issues that need to be resolved in a high-asset divorce is the equitable distribution of property. All assets and liabilities possessed by the spouses are taken into account and characterized as separate or marital property. The marital property is then divided equitably between the parties, either via settlement or after a decision by the Judge.

Assets that are often considered in a high net worth divorce include:

  • The marital home
  • Vacation homes
  • Other real estate
  • Businesses and partnership
  • Retirement funds
  • 401(k)s
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Bank and saving accounts
  • Offshore accounts
  • Cars and furniture
  • Art and fine jewelry
  • Coin or other collections whether started as a hobby or as an investment.

Businesses and professional partnerships are common in high-asset divorce cases. These are some of the most difficult assets to valuate and divide. Fortunately our experienced attorney has extensive skills and knowledge when it comes to business valuation issues.

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