With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

With the right attorney for your legal matter, you can avoid an endless, confusing maze.

Help With Surrogates Court Proceedings In New York

When a person dies without leaving a will, he or she is said to have died intestate. When this happens, the laws of intestacy will apply and any assets or inheritance will pass on to the deceased’s beneficiaries according to these laws, regardless of what the deceased’s wishes may have been. Andrew A. Bokser is an experienced New York estates attorney who can help you explore your options when a loved one has died intestate.

If a loved one has passed away without leaving a will, please contact a Brooklyn attorney with experience in probate and administration proceedings by calling 718-834-1904 for an initial consultation and to learn what steps to take next.

What Is Intestate Administration?

The process of intestate administration shares many similarities with probate proceedings, with one major difference: The laws of intestate succession will control the distribution of the estate instead of the wishes of the deceased. The laws of estates in New York state are governed by Estates and Powers Law Section 4-1.1.

By way of example, if a person dies without a will and has no surviving spouse, the deceased’s children will inherit the estate equally, while siblings of the deceased will not receive anything. If the deceased has no children, then siblings will share in the estate and the deceased’s cousins will not receive anything. This process will continue until a relative is finally discovered.

Attorney Andrew A. Bokser has over 34 years of experience and can help guide you through the process of intestate administration. Make sure that your rights are protected throughout the intestate process.

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Intestate administration can be a complicated process. Andrew A. Bokser can help explain your options and can also draft wills so you do not put your loved ones through intestate administration. Please contact a Manhattan probate and administrations proceedings lawyer by calling 718-834-1904, or email Mr. Bokser at for an initial consultation. Evening appointments are available. Andrew A. Bokser represents clients throughout New York City.